Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Product Related FAQs

    What is the size of the Green Canvas Tote Bags?

    Each of the Green Canvas Tote Bags is 16 inches long (40.64 cm) and 14 inches wide (35.56 cm), which is inclusive of 3 inches (7.62 cm) gusset on both sides.

    How much weight can the Green Canvas Tote Bags bear?

    Your Green Canvas Tote Bag can carry as much as 21 lbs (9.52 kgs) of weight. They are sturdy and durable which makes them ideal for heavy duty grocery shopping.

    What is the fabric material of the Green Canvas Tote Bag?

    Every Green Canvas Bag is made up of 100% cotton Canvas fabric material. The product is sustainable and eco-friendly, as it is biodegradable and does not have toxic chemicals in it.

    Is the Green Canvas Tote Bag washable?

    Absolutely. Whenever your Green Canvas Bag gets dirty you can hand wash it using mild detergent. To remove stains use a wet rag, put some mild detergent, and slightly rub in the circular motion. This will remove the stains easily, keeping your bag intact and new.

    Is the Green Canvas Tote Bag eco-friendly?

    Certainly Yes! We use eco-friendly fabric to make Green Canvas Bags in the most environmentally friendly way, without using toxic chemicals. The canvas bags are reusable and indirectly help in cutting down on plastic waste, by replacing single-use plastic bags. Thereby, eco friendly in every aspect.

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    How can I use a Green Canvas Tote Bag?

    Whether you are going to buy groceries, gym or college you can carry your stuff in the easy to carry Green Canvas Tote Bag. Our bags are up beat, trendy, and stylish, which makes them a cool accessory that is easy to carry and very functional with minimum maintenance.

  • Shipping Related FAQs

    Do you deliver the Green Canvas Bags outside India?

    Yes, definitely! We are glad to deliver our Green Canvas Bags worldwide. Irrespective of where you stay your favorite bags will reach you out anywhere.

    Is there any shipping charge?

    Yes, depending on the location of delivery and the number of bags, there is a shipping charge which is additional to the price of the bags.

    Do you use eco-friendly materials for packaging Green Canvas Products?

    Since we believe in the idea of eco-friendly and sustainable living, our products are packed in eco-friendly materials only.

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  • Bulk Order Related FAQs

    Do you take Bulk Orders at Green Canvas?

    Absolutely! We would love to deliver Green Canvas Bags for your bulk orders. Whether it is a corporate event or a private event, celebrate it by giving eco friendly Green Canvas Totes as souvenirs.

    How can I place a Bulk Order with Green Canvas?

    Fill up the enquiry form on the Bulk Orders page, and our team will get back to you soon. Else you can write an email to us at or Whatsapp on +91-9820505037 to contact our team and discuss your requirements.

    Do we customize for a Bulk Order?

    Yes! We do customize for Bulk Orders only! We leave no stone unturned to make sure your event becomes a big hit, and so we customize your souvenirs in bulk orders.

  • Return Related FAQs

    Can I return my Green Canvas Bags?

    Yes! You can return only unused items, along with the invoice receipt and original price tags. The product should not be worn, torn, altered, damaged, or resized. For a defective piece, contact us to get the product replaced with a new product.

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