"There's no short-cut to success. It comes from hardwork and dedication."
Niranjan Samant - Founder, Green Canvas

Green Canvas is a story of connection, nostalgia, bold decisions and dedication to a Greener India. Every year the world produces more than 380 million tons of plastic, most of which are single-used. Out of this, more than 5000 tons of plastic is discharged into the environment. While going through this disturbing data, we realised that each one of us has been subconsciously contributing towards jeopardising our very own planet for years. As a result, we became increasingly drawn towards the idea of creating something that all of us could use to make a difference in the world.

The rest began when traveling globally we saw souvenirs of different countries. Upon seeing the canvas tote bags with the themes of different countries, we realised that there were hardly any canvas totes that reflected India, and the ones which did, didn’t comply with the quality and eco-friendly aspects. We decided to take the initiative, and design and source our very own canvas tote bags not only for us, but for everyone who has always been a proud Indian and wanted to showcase his/her roots to the world. We use about 5 trillion plastic bags in a year. At Green Canvas, we want to reduce the footprint of plastic products and instead manufacture recycled bags, made with 100% cotton and chemical free natural colours derived from plants, fruit juices and all other possible natural sources.

Our eco-friendly totes are made exclusively for you to carry your personality on your shoulder while you head out of the house. Be it grocery shopping, outing, gym, college or even just to window shop, there is a whole lot of environment friendly products launching soon as Green Canvas believes that it’s important to keep dreaming, keep growing and keep working. And just for you to know - there’s one bag for you for every occasion, mindset, and style to go! So, whenever you go for your next outing, choose wisely, choose smartly, and choose Green Canvas.

Niranjan Samant (Founder)